About Jim

At age 23, with all the possibilities of a bright future before me, my life was changed forever when I was hit by John Joseph McSweeney Jr., a drunk driver who had just been released from prison October 31st for possession with intent to distribute, on November 1, 2002 while sitting in my car in traffic on Interstate 95. His blood-alcohol level was .22, almost three times the legal limit at the time he hit me.

I was taken to University of Maryland Medical Center’s shock trauma unit where my friends and family learned that I was paralyzed. The drunk driver was celebrating his release from jail when he caused the accident. He walked away from it all without a scratch.

After two surgeries for broken vertebrae in my neck and a three-month stay at Good Samaritan rehabilitation hospital, I finally came home and am still slowly recovering, however, I still constantly struggle with being paralyzed and all the changes in my life that have resulted from the accident.

As you know, I was without medical insurance at the time and there are limited financial resources to be obtained by the incident. Medical and healthcare related services, equipment and treatments are not entirely covered by the State Medicaid program. The surgeries, construction changes to my home, physical therapy equipment, and customized van are just a few new expenses that I continue to struggle with.

Although I cannot change what has happened, I can, however, with your help, make it better through this fund. Fundraising events will be held by me and I have launched and continued to maintain this web site by myself as a place where people can donate funds, contact me and get updated information on events and my progress.

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